Give Thanks Day 9: Free stuff on the internet

Give Thanks is a daily series of posts through November that chronicle what I’m thankful for. The format is a big deal on Facebook or something.


Nothing in life is free. Unless it’s on the internet and the people in charge have yet to figure out a way to charge you for it.

The cost of an education has been a big, fat, juicy thorn in my broke-ass side lately (hello, huge monthly student loan bills), but that’s another blog post for another day. However, it should be obvious from that last sentence that I should and do appreciate how technology nurtures learning for free.

I already professed my love for TED Talks, which are like free college lectures  that you can watch hungover and without makeup on and in your pajamas (I guess that’s not that different from college). Wikipedia, although you should probably source what you read on there, is another example. So much information at your fingertips!

My favorite recent free educational find, though, is Duolingo. Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for no charge. No more awkward haggling from Rosetta Stone salespeople at the mall, y’all!

Assuming you have the tools to access these tools (which, you are reading this right now, so you can somehow), with a Duolingo website and iPhone or Android App, there is no reason a curious monolinguist can’t learn a new langue.

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