Notes-ish: FemComPod show notes, Episode 20

Topic 1:

Uber is under fire again. This time under charges of sexual harassment by one of its former female engineers.

And in this post, that engineer, Susan Fowler, shows us how to do something to defend ourselves when HR won’t.

Topic 2:

The progressive Chicago social media-sphere exploded with reports that ICE was outrageously searching passengers who looked, well, not-white in an effort to reach deportation numbers. Turns out the story was false. Sharing untrue stories like this on social media can be dangerous for law enforcement officials but also the very people the quick-sharers wanted to protect.

Oh, but also, don’t worry, the rumors got started because the CTA has been randomly searching passengers’ private property since 2014. Nothing to see here! Right?!

Here’s Alderman Rosa’s helpful checklist for posting something to social media responsibly:

Finally, semi-related if you listen to the podcast, watch this! It’s so good!

Topic 3:

American Girl releases its first boy doll!  And that’s cool, y’all, even though they’re stupid expensive, whatever the gender.

And while you’re at it…

In hindsight, this lady was a real busy bitch to our pre-pubescent hero, Kevin. But look at all her work to do! And her technology! And her sweater vest! This is how ’90’s kids dreams were made.

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