Notes-ish: FemComPod show notes, Episode 22

Topic 1:

White racist shoots two Indian men, killing one, because he thinks are Arab. But the media reminds us, there’s a white hero, so everyone just go back to your regularly scheduled programs, k?

The Hidden Figures story.

An interesting look at Hollywood’s sliding scale of justice.

Topic 2:

Details on the proposed suspension of H-1B visas.

Tech companies defend their workers and the importance of being able to draw from a global talent pool.

University of Pennsylvania’s study results of immigration’s impact on the economy.

The story on the poorest white town in America and why they think Trump is the answer.

Topic 3:

Some theaters are canceling showings of Beauty and The Beast because Le Fou is so obviously gay for Gaston, just like the rest of us.

Which is silly because so many Disney characters are gaaaaay.

My fave closeted gay character is Icebox. Listen to the episode for Justin’s.

Uncomfortable, closeted Icebox.

And while you’re at it:

Is that Oaken’s husband and children in the sauna?! There’s a lot of debate about it, but I think if Frozen’s other progressive moments and plot lines are any indication, Oaken is definitely getting some hoo-hoo from that hot blondie in the hot tub.

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