Notes-ish: FemComPod show notes, Episode 25

In this week’s episode of your fave podcast, A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into A Bar, Jackie and Justin discuss the commodification of feminism, the validity (or lack thereof) of trans racial, and April Fools. Cheers!

Topic 1:

Trump un-ironically decrees April Sexual Assault Awareness Month, even though Obama did the same thing, but with a different name, for the past two years. Seems this is going to be a recurring theme. Let’s hope the pussy grabbing is not.

Carl’s Jr. is trying desperately to escape its sexist past.

So is this Brazilian brewery. 

It’s all very contrived/ pandery, which is why I prefer my feminism in advertising to be more subtle — something that demonstrates what the world could be if we didn’t have to talk about this crap anymore. For example, the bus stop ad I talk about in this episode. Here’s a pic:

I assumed Professor Cohen was the guy…
… bringing me face to face with my own assumptions about women in coding. That’s cool, man. Er, woman.

Topic 2:

Rachel D., the white girl who says she’s black, is back. Is race a social construct the way we say gender is? Anyone else uncomfortable?

Some professional opinions on the matter.

Topic 3:

Here’s the famous April Fool’s Day prank BBC pulled in 1957.

Fake news!

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