Notes-ish: FemComPod show notes, Episode 26

On this week’s episode of A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into A Bar podcast, Jackie and Justin talk about millennial voters, divorce, and artificial intelligence. Cheers!

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Topic 1:

This new book says sexism, Millennial feminists and Bernie Sanders are to blame for Clinton’s loss.

Here’s a follow-up that’s straight and to the point about how blaming Millennial feminists is dumb and counterintuitive.

And here’s how Millennials actually voted.

Topic 2:

This couple continues to do a family photo with their son each year — even though they got a divorce years ago.

To which Justin and I have a lot of opinions even though we don’t have any kids, which is totally fine OK, chill out.

Topic 3:

This guy says robots are about to overpower us and will be the dominate species for a lot longer than we were. And also that aliens are electronic. He’s an astrophysicist, so…

Shout out to my future overlord!

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