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Notes-ish: FemComPod show notes, Episode 27

This week on A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into a Bar podcast, we talk United Airlines, Fearless Girl, and sequels. Cheers!

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Topic 1:

We discuss the United Airlines PR crisis after kicking a paying customer off the plane.

Here’s an interesting look from NPR at the racial wedge placed between African American and Asian communities.

And here’s some great reading about how ageism and sexism are a molotov cocktail (not a cock tale) for older women. I implore you to check these out before you agree with Justin about women of a certain age:

Salon: Women over 50 are invisible

PBS: The unique disadvantage older women face in the workforce

The Independent: It’s no fun getting older if you’re a woman


Topic 2:

Charging Bull’s sculptor says Fearless Girl distorts the meaning of his artwork and asks the city to take the girl down.

Other feminists are arguing it should go for interesting reasons other than artistic integrity.

Topic 3:

“Fast & the Furious” is on its eighth and final edition. The cars do everything but fly.

What would your dream movie sequel be? Would it be rated x with the Bash Brothers? Don’t lie and join the club.

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