A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into A Bar podcast

Notes-ish: FemComPod show notes, Episode 28

This week on A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into A Bar podcast we talk about Trump’s first 100 days, first laaaadies, and birthday presents. Cheers!

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Topic 1:

It’s been approximately 100 days of Trump.

This is perhaps the best article I’ve read about how and why Trump won. By historian Victor Davis Hanson for The New Criterion. A must read.

Here’s that Rage Against the Machine video from 1999 that had a shot of someone holding a Trump for president poster.

Topic 2:

Here’s the weird, nosy and fascinating psychological breakdown of Melania Trump and her super sad Instagram feed.

It was all so much easier when the First Lady was the president’s wife, right? Hello, Lady Ivanka.

Topic 3:

What to get the Queen who has everything? A corgi and a ventriloquist, apparently.

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