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Notes-ish: FemComPod show notes, Episode 29

This week on A Feminist & A Comedian Walk Into A Bar podcast, we talk about the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Fyre Fest, and movie memorabilia. Cheers!

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Topic 1:

Trump is the first president in 36 years to not attend the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

His right but too bad. Would have loved to see his face as comedian Hasan Minhaj delivered some of these greatest hits. 

Slate did us all a favor and rounded up the jokes that bombed the hardest to this sour faced crowd, which means they were the best.

President Bush was at Samantha Bee’s dueling dinner, though!

Topic 2:

What’s not real? Oh just this travesty of “epic” Millennial music festival pandering: The Fyre Festival.

This account of Fyre Festival from a woman who worked for them before seeing the writing on the wall and getting-tfo is also worth a read.

Related: The FTC is trying to get “Instagram influencers” to say when they’re being paid to make a post. The FTC is sending them strongly worded tweets letters.

Don’t miss these Fyre Fest scrapbook moments. Can’t wait ‘till next year.

Topic 3:

Patrick Swayze’s Dirty Dancing leather jacket just sold for $62,500.

I’d pay that much for Rizzo’s jacket.

Justin, for Rocky’s sweet crying robe.

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