The best American history podcast you should listen to immediately

How does one America with America fatigue?

Asking for a friend.

I love the principles of America. Freedom, equal rights, the pursuit of happiness, a perfectly grilled hamburger and cinnamon-spiced apple pie.

What I don’t love is how differently we interpret what those principles mean.

I already feel exhausted by this president. Celebrating the Fourth of July felt much more momentous when I felt like we were moving toward being a better country for all… when I felt like we were an example of trying hard to right wrongs and move everyone forward in fairness.

Trump doesn’t make me feel like we’re going backward, he makes me feel like we’re careening into a future where science, empathy, intelligence and diplomacy don’t matter as long you win.

I’ve heard a few friends say they have never been ashamed of our country until now.

I don’t think I’ve ever been afraid for our country until now.

I’m worried everything is going to break down, and not just because of Trump’s behavior, but because of the attention we place on things that don’t matter, like celebrity or sound bites or bickering on Twitter in a way that ultimately leads nowhere.

Facebook has also made it easier to see how violent people can be with their words and ideas and allowances. They’re more blood thirsty, defiant than they would ever be in person. Moments like this make the atrocities of history — slavery, the Holocaust, unrelenting religious and racial persecution — feel closer than they ever have before. I can see how those things happened, how good people stood by and watched, OKed it even. I don’t know if I could say that before social media and before Trump.

Mostly though, I think this president is a nightmare and I’m ashamed of him. I’m embarrassed a man like that — who says those things and acts that way, who so obviously is only out for himself and fooling the people who adore him — could hold the most dignified and important position in our country.

My only hope is that it’s over in four years with as little damage done as possible. I guess that’s what I’ll America about this Independence Day: We live in a place where we have the opportunity to change it soon.

Maybe, just maybe, the Trump presidency will just be a stain and not a permanent mark.

I’ve been listening to The Dollop podcast as catharsis. Learning about history doesn’t just help us to prevent mistakes from happening twice, it helps us remember how far we’ve come.

The Dollop offers comedic relief woven into the (mostly horror) stories of the past. I listened to the Newsies and the Harriet Tubman pieces back to back and, while dying from laughing at the co-host’s comedic take on it all (he doesn’t know anything about the history story the episode covers until they record), I was crushed by the reality too many children and people in this country — most people in this country — have had to live through.

In those it didn’t break is a courage damn near intimidating in scope. Listen to that Tubman episode to see what I mean. She’s an American badass, with the most hero-y hero story, and I can’t believe it’s 2017 and she still doesn’t have a piece of currency dedicated in her honor.

Can a girl get a Hollywood biopic?

Check out a few episodes before tomorrow. It’ll remind you that there’s always been bad, but it’s worth it to not give up on the good.

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