Four new albums perfect for your weird hot-Fall commutes

I guess I shouldn’t complain if 100-degree days in September are the worst of my first-hand experience of Hurricane Jose’s wrath. But there’s definitely something bizarre about walking to work or the library or wherever as falling leaves stick to my sweaty skin. I want my pumpkin-spice air to bite a bit, not suffocate! Alas, I’m alive and well and just got new earbuds, which I’ve been using to stream these fresh releases on my way. They’ve been surprisingly perfect for this super weird weather. What have you been listening to lately?

The War on Drugs “A Deeper Understanding”

Perfect for: The commute to work

Adam Granduciel’s hypnotic synthy songs that sparkle and accelerate manage to numb your brain and wake it up at the same time. Listen first: “Holding On”.

Open Mike Eagle “Brick Body Kids Still Daydream”

Perfect for: Running errands/ getting shit done

Open Mike Eagle’s take on contemporary hip-hop will have you alert and thoughtful. The album is a social commentary on how to find softness in a tough environment. His song “My Auntie’s Building,” for example is a hard-lined look at the pretty fucked-up demolition of the Robert Taylor Homes public housing project on Chicago’s South Side and its displacement of residents, including OME’s aunt, for “redevelopment.”


Phoebe Bridgers “Stranger in the Alps”

Perfect for: The ride home from work

Morose and lovely like skulls covered in pearls, Phoebe Bridgers’s songs about death are usually actually about loving the complexity of life. The singer-songwriter’s new work will help you take yourself down a notch and trace the twisty sidewalk cracks on your steps home. (PS. I’m not the only one who loves her.)

Twin Peaks Soundtrack 2017: The Return

Perfect for: Weekend daydreaming at dusk

Give yourself chills despite the heat with the new soundtrack for Twin Peaks TV show. It features the creepy cymbals and beguiling wind you hear throughout the series old and new, as well as some awesome new singles. Just try to listen to this and not walk a little faster as you think of Bob eyeballing your back. Fall is supposed to be spooky even if it’s sweaty, right?

10/10 scariest scene ever filmed for TV:

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