Words on the Street: November 2, 2017

Wishful thinking. Though I love the #faceinplaces Easter egg in no_one.

More wishful thinking. Though I, too, want to live in that world.

More more.

Author and illustrator Emil Ferris at the Chicago Humanities Festival. Super pumped to read her graphic novel “My Favorite Thing is Monsters.” Some of my favorite Emil quotes from her appearance:

On Chicago “There are a lot of survivors here.”

On whether she’s a political artist “I don’t know that anybody isn’t a political artist.”

On writing fiction “You can propose ways to solve everything in fiction. So why not?”

On being an unorganized artist “Everything goes to hell regularly. … I’m an Italian driver as an artist.”

On getting older “That’s the great thing about being old. You’re ornery. And you feel gratitude for everything.”

Thank you for your work/ being your ornery self, Emil!

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