Gifts ideas for that writer feminist type in your life

A Ms. Magazine subscription. One for her and one for women in prisons and shelters.

Nearly 82 percent of women in prison in America are in there for non-violent crimes. Two-thirds have dependent children. I truly believe a combination of education, empathy and empowerment (in that order) is the quickest way to reform, and so does Ms. Magazine. Get your girl a subscription for 2018 and, while you’re at it, put one in her name to donate to female prisons and domestic violence shelters.

The Best Self Co. journal

I’m not sure how Instagram’s algorithm found out I was Type A, but it’s been plugging away hard at getting me to buy a goal-setting journal. Any goal-setting journal.

I hear you loud and clear Insta.

I landed on Best Self Co.’s Self Journal for a couple reasons, which your overachieving dream-chasing gift getter will appreciate too. The journal is mapped out for a customizable three-month plan, which makes achieving a New Year’s resolution much more manageable. There’s room to take notes on your morning and evening gratitude. You can break your workday down by half hour, which is every successful person’s productivity tip numero uno. PLUS! It’s bound so that the book lays flat, no matter what page it’s open to. That might not sound a big deal. But it’s a big fucking deal.

A half-eaten plate of homemade nachos = me living my best life. Thanks, Best Self Co.

 Some cool ass quote pencils

This Etsy shop sells colorful pencil sets with quotes from progressive culture’s leading ladies, like Malala, Michelle Obama and, duh, Beyonce. Bonus points? Of course. These are #girlbosses after all. Half the proceeds go to nonprofits supported by the celebrity feminist. Order by Dec. 17 to get your gift in time. OK, Santa, now let’s get in formation.

Feminist books from 2017 

Three non-fiction files they’re bound to love:

“We Are Never Meeting in Real Life,” essays and hilarity by Samantha Irby  (To give you a few more ideas, here’s Samantha’s list of what smart feminists are reading this year.)

“The Wrong Way to Save Your Life,” essays and stories by Megan Stielstra (And here is Megan’s list from the same site.)

“Nasty Women,” essays and solidarity by various authors

And one great fiction pick you may not have heard of but they def have:

“The Power,” by Naomi Alderman

Book quote scarf

Well, look what you found! A great gift idea!

Litographs prints 30,000-word book passages on infinity scarves. You pick the font, the color and the book. Options include “Jane Eyre” (swoon), “The Secret Garden” (double swoon), and “Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock” (tick tick swoon). You can also customize a scarf with a passage from a book of your choosing. Might I recommend some VW?

“So long as you write what you wish to write, that is all that matters; and whether it matters for ages or only for hours, nobody can say.” Virginia Woolf, “A Room of One’s Own”

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