Free travel meditations to bookmark before your next trip

Isn’t this photo incredible? It’s from our recent roadtrip to Vegas and back. This is at Red Rock Canyon Nevada. We rented a convertible to take the “scenic drive” that winds through this brilliant, accidental mashing of platesĀ and ended up there at sunset. I cried.

Not all our driving was so smooth though. Have you tried taking a speeding bullet down a Rocky Mountain in the middle of the night? I cried then also. But for totally different reasons.

As I embark on yet another trip–a flight this time, which is loaded with its own special brand of travel anxiety mostly rooted in my lack of control over timing and metal tin can speeding bullet–I pulled up these meditations I used on our roadtrip. Thought I’d share.

Key idea: The timing in your life is perfect. You’re exactly where you need to be.

Read: It’s OK if you don’t have everything done yet. You’re exactly when you you need to be.

Read: Yes, crying again.

You are safe. Where you are headed you will arrive right on time.

Don’t tell off the TSA agent.

Don’t tell off the TSA agent.

Don’t tell off the TSA agent.

I mean, how wonderful that you even have the opportunity and luxury to travel so fast in the first place? Even if your seat is right by the plane’s pooper. I can find something new and worthwhile in this experience.

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