FemComPod Recipe: Orange Cranberry Gingerale + the best new-to-you app to download

This drink is featured on the intro of Episode 55 of A Feminist and A Comedian Walk Into a Bar podcast. This week we talk about Trump leaks and takedowns, the changing conversation of consent, and new holidays. Listen to it while you slurp a sunshine cocktail and consider the pros and cons of leaving your bed.


Ah, January. That cool month of fending off germs, snowstorms and the cold embrace of seasonal depression.

Here’s a mocktail to help you through, with a little help from your friend Vitamin C.

This recipe is super easygoing and delicious, just like you thought you were before you quit drinking and realized you WERE A MONSTER.

Stir together half a cup orange juice

Half a cup cranberry juice

And half a cup gingerale.

Pour over ice in a rocks glass, drop in some sugared cranberries, and fend off the muscle memory of making really annoying drunk Facebook posts.

Instead! Use your phone to download the Google Arts & Culture app.

It’s escapism without hurting anyone’s feelings or waking up in a ditch!

You’ll see everyone using it this week to find their doppleganger in historical paintings. Unless you live in Illinois. Apparently we can’t get it here because our state believes in privacy rights (yes, and also taxing us 7 cents per plastic bag at the grocery store… <sips mocktail confusedly>).

But it’s also super fun for discovering interesting artists, learning about famous works of art and their themes, and exploring galleries of art around the world.

All from the comfort of your totally not scary and totally warm bed.

Me rn.

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