FemComPod Recipe: Peach Pie Smoothie + a book so powerful right now

This drink is featured on the intro of Episode 57 of A Feminist and A Comedian Walk Into a Bar podcast. This week we talk about Jay-Z and Trump’s unfortunately-non-rap battle, that monster Larry Nassar and his judge, and our fav comics strips. Give it a spin while shoveling your sidewalk.


I’ll keep this short and sweet. Just like peach pie.

Use your kickass Ninja blender to mix together:

One cup frozen peaches

One tablespoon honey

A lil of these spices: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger

½ cup basic bitch yogurt

½ cup milk

Shout out to Food Network for the recipe and cool straw idea.

This drink is a weird mix between pumpkin pie and peach pie, which, I think, makes it perfect for this weather that is spring one day, fall the next, then a frozen tundra of certain death on Tuesday.

Also fitting for a really weird time: Naomi Alderman’s book The Power.

Hi, have you read this yet? It was a huge hit last year when it came out, and Obama loved it so there’s that. It made his list of favorite books from 2017. I’ve been waiting for months for my library hold to come through and yowza it’s been worth the wait.

The Power is a dystopian thrill ride about what would happen if all of the sudden women’s bodies unleashed a physical power that was dominating enough to put them in charge, instead of men? It’s fast-paced and fun to read, but also unnerving to read about, for example, boys dressing like girls to feel powerful… the total role reversal is so startling to imagine, which, I also imagine, is the point.

The New York Times published this interview with the author yesterday, which is also worth a read. I like her approach to telling this story and her call to understand how abuse of power is the biggest enemy, no matter who has it.

“If we lived in the world of the power, I don’t think I would be magically excluded from the way the world operates. I don’t think I can say I would have been the enlightened person. With or without the power, I behave the way the system teaches me to behave.” Naomi Alderman

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