FemComPod Recipe: Blood Orange Basil Mint Mocktail + a new Blood Orange song

This drink is featured on the intro of Episode 59 of A Feminist and A Comedian Walk Into a Bar podcast. This week we talk about Nancy Pelosi’s grand stand, the new season of Queer Eye (spoiler: We both l-o-v-e it… listen for why), bearded Obama and much more. Take a listen as you shave your legs for Valentine’s Day.


Oh my, I’ve been inside this apartment for too long.

I think I’m starting to melt into the chairs, blend into the walls. If this is cabin fever, I’m fully infected, bitches.

While making my drink for this week’s podcast recording, I spent about 20 seconds longer than necessary looking at the inside of this ruby red grapefruit:

Where do I find more colors like this on this god forsaken white planet buried under snow?!


Leave a girl locked inside three days during a blizzard and she’s bound to need some reminder of brighter days.

Enter: The Blood Orange Basil Mint Mocktail.

The smells alone will make you trust in the goodness of the earth again, remind you that this is just a phase it’s going through. Summer will soon return.

For one perfectly lovely serving, mix:

1/4 cup tonic water

Juice of a fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit

1/2 cup Blood Orange Italian Soda (I used San Pellegrino, or, as I like to call them, Sour Pinos)

Mix. Pour over ice. Salt Bae in some chopped up fresh basil and mint. Garnish with lime. Drink with a straw so you don’t get basil-mint-mouth.

And, for a complementary cool thing to do while accepting the fact that you drink mocktails now, here’s a new song from Blood Orange.

He makes the best music for broken people waiting for something else to arrive. This is the perfect track for watching a soft evening snowfall. Or staring at a dancing plastic bag or the gorgeous guts of a grapefruit.

“I see you wondering what’s wrong with you
And your father says it’s true
Will your crush make you not innocent
Martha helped to see you through

Said it comes in waves… are you feeling safe?
Christopher and 6th, where i lay to rest

When he took your hand when you were scared
Stroked your thigh while you were weak
Can you flex while with another man?
Society says don’t you speak”

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