FemComPod: Butterscotch Root Beer, and Doug Stanhope at his most Doug Stanhope

Life has been bonkers this month, and continues to be so, thus, here are a few key takeaways of this week’s podcast:

  • I’m distracted and busy and didn’t make a mocktail this week, so I did what any good wife would do and I unknowingly stole Justin’s butterscotch root beer.
  • OmG have you ever had butterscotch root beer? (Dang! is “crafted on Milwaukee’s famous lower east side.”)
  • This is what I would ask for if I were somehow in a real life version of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  • How scary was that movie as a kid?
  • I was definitely scared of that movie as a kid.

  • Stranger danger much?
  • All those kids getting what they deserved for their selfishness was pretty intense too.
  • Damn. I mean… dang. Kids be kids.
  • Until they’re protestors leading a media-dubbed “movement” and are, therefore, open targets for Twitter bullying by lame, fame-hungry adults.
  • Are these kids fame-hungry too?
  • Can we just ban assault rifles already?
  • And we’ve come full circle. Enjoy, Episode 63:

Here’s the Doug Stanhope bit we reference in this week’s episode. It’s about his mother committing suicide to escape the pain of emphysema. Here’s to listening to and making space for opinions that are different than our own sometimes. Cheers!




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