Thirteen things I used to be afraid of

Boundaries. (How did I live without these for so long?)

Riding the CTA alone. (You just have to act like you belong and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be on this god damn train. I’ve learned this is the start of a solution to most problems.)

Riding the CTA and it getting stuck underground. (Happened. Survived.)

Failure. (Happened. Survived.)

Someone misunderstanding me. (Unavoidable.)

Rejection. (Unavoidable.)

Death. (Unavoidable.)

Taxes. (Hired a guy.)

Hurting other people (Quit drinking.)

Losing my job. (Found more.)

Clusters of small holes. (Googled it.)

Saying no. (Working on it.)

Regret. (Essential for growth.)

… Still cautious of teenagers.

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