You can now support your lo-class artists on Patreon!

Your artist friends at lo-class studios (that includes me!) recently updated our Patreon offering, and I think you’ll dig it.

Here’s how it works: You pick an amount of money to give once a month to help fund our podcasts, blogs, websites, art, tour travel, and a whole smattering of un-sexy costs associated with running your own shit that I won’t list here.

The patron levels start as low as $1 a month and, depending on which level you commit to, you unlock perks at each level to receive bonus content, merchandise, or one-of-a-kind artwork.

For example, at the $10 a month level, you get to pick a topic for Justin and I to talk about on the next episode of A Feminist and A Comedian Walk Into A Bar. Our newest patron <<<<applause break>>>> is at this level, and he suggested we watch the feminist-made documentary “The Red Pill” about the MRA movement.

So we did. And we discussed on episode 65.


All of our patrons also get exclusive access to extra podcast episodes, including a recent one where Justin and I play The Newlywed Game. Spoiler: We tally up a total of zero points (00ps) but it’s way fun in the process and, to our credit, I think we don’t get the answers right because we actually know each other too well.

The fanciest level, should you choose to accept, is $20 a month and includes a perk of handmade Mildly Depressed-style artwork work made by me, specifically for you.

(FYI: You can stop being a patron at any time. Not that we want you too, but, like, I know what it’s like when you sign up for something one month and realize you got too many bill$ the next.)

At lo-class, we’re really committed to releasing our digital content for free and making our art accessible to anyone who wants to see it. That’s the digital age, baby! This “donate what you want” model that Patreon offers is a cool way for you to support that mission without feeling the cold, hard slap of capitalism forcing you to pay to consume information and/or/mostly creativity at a pre-determined cost.

And just like that: You’re basically a Medici.

<<< Check out the new lo-class on Patreon here! Yes, click this bright pink headline! >>>

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