FemComPod: Holiday mocktails

Looooook at all these yummy non-alkie bubblies from Town and Country (I also love this list from The Temper). As implied by the fact that they’re in Town and Country, those recipes are fancy and well-suited for a holiday dinner party in which you are willing to put on pants and make the effort…

… but if you’re just looking for a cozy sipper for one, a homemade drink that requires as little work as possible, try this stovetop hot apple cider concoction (from A Sweet Pea Chef). I recently made it for an episode of FemComPod and might I recommend a final ingredient—whipped cream?

… Reader, I married it.

… I spent the next two weeks putting whipped cream on everything. 

… My blueberries.

… My Jell-O pudding snacks.

… My tongue.

… These other fun winter recipes that won’t give you a hangover.

Sip on these (or just saddle up with that aerosol can of whipped-wonder and an open mouth) while listening to our most recent rants and raves on the podcast (only two more episodes of 2018 to go for lo-class Patreon subscribers!)

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