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FemComPod: Episode 80 show notes

My poor broken voice is the little engine that could in this episode featuring Justin and I as we discuss sexism in presidential campaign coverage, vaccination regulations, and women’s history month!

Topic 1:

Topic 2:

Meet Temple Grandin. To know her is to love her.

Topic 3:

“Apparently, I am a cow dictator,” Ocasio-Cortez told me. “What’s humorous to me is that we’re finally proposing a clear, ambitious, but necessary and grounded policy on the scale of the problem. And so it’s hard for the Republicans to refute the actual policy on its substance. They resort to mythologizing it on a ludicrous level. Ted Cruz says we want to ‘kill all the cows.’ How far have we slid in our discourse? But that’s what half our political representation is up to.”

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