Goodbye, nice to know you

Letting go of something is necessitated by your fragility. You can not control an outcome. You are not in charge of your destiny. You are not in charge of your reactions. But you are in charge of your choices. Letting go is necessitated by too much past guiding the optimistic outline for a future. Letting […]

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Summer Reading List 2014

I’ve always thought of readers — talented readers, people who can sit down for five hours and read one book — as unappreciatively skilled. That kind of attention requires impressive meditation on words, even if the story is entertaining enough to consume you. I am not one of those readers. I’m a bouncer. I usually […]

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“Compulation” of success

There’s not a lot of tangible reward to being a journalist. Most of my journalist friends are rebel types with above average work ethic. Even inside writers of the fluffiest fuzzies, not  too far down, a First Amendment soldier lurks. It’s rewarding to tell people’s stories, to actively participate in free speech, to have a job writing (Writer’s […]

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