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Jackie Mantey is an award-winning professional writer of all sorts of things and a freelance marketing copywriter based in Chicago. Her journalistic work has been published in national and regional magazines and newspapers, and she’s written marketing copy and digital content for clients across the globe.

Jackie is the co-founder of lo-class studios, as well as co-host and co-creator of two podcasts: the entertainment American culture podcast A Feminist and a Comedian Walk Into a Bar and the sober book club podcast Zero Proof.

Jackie’s interdisciplinary creative work includes hand-embroidering found imagery, as well as writing and (occasionally) performing live lit, essays, and prose. Her creative writing and artwork have been published by the Chicago Writers Association and numerous Chicago art zines, and she’s performed on several stages, including the Filet of Solo Festival. Her debut monographic exhibition of artwork and writing, titled “Gone, Country,” was on view at Chicago’s Slate Arts + Performance Gallery throughout September 2018.

In a voice that’s unflinchingly honest and endlessly hopeful, Jackie’s writing tries to calm the beast long enough to place the pain and dig out the thorn.



Artist, Author, and Producer of “Gone, Country,” a solo exhibition of embroidery artwork, creative nonfiction, and weekly storytelling events at Slate Arts + Performance Gallery in Chicago, 2018

Named Best in Ohio: Freelance Writer by Press Club of Cleveland, 2014

Sober since ~approximately~ April 15, 2016 (Listen to Jackie’s interview on The Unruffled Podcast)

Proudest auntie alive

Recently became pro Oxford comma


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Jackie works from her cozy Chicago office but often collaborates remotely with clients in other locations. Door’s open at jmantey@gmail.com, or hit her up the old-fashioned way, below.


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