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“Jacqueline is clearly talented. She has a great writing style, but more importantly, you can tell she is a terrific reporter. She knows which details are important to the story.”

“Jackie is highly organized, smart, creative and wonderful to work with. … Her writing sparkles and she’s very fast, not something you always find in one person.”

“Jackie is one of the best copywriters/copyeditors I’ve ever had the pleasure working with. She has a keen knack for distilling complex narratives into simplified, strong, powerful copy. She has an incredible eye for detail and is a master proofreader. She is a joy to work with as she tackles each project with everything she has and always provides an exceptional finished product. Her clients and peers love working with her and are often relieved to hear when a project is assigned to her because we all know it will be done quickly and at the highest quality. I’d recommend her one thousand times over for anyone seeking top-notch freelance support for copywriting or editing.”

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