Inspo: Loretta Lynn, Carrie Brownstein and Fantastic Lies


You’ve settled.

“I learned later how hard it can become to unsettle yourself, to trip yourself up, and I think that a good place to write from. It’s important to undermine yourself and create a level of difficulty so the work doesn’t come too easily. The more comfortable you get, the more money you earn, the more successful you are, the harder it is to create situations where you have to prove yourself and make yourself not just want it, but need it. The stakes should always feel high.”

Carrie Brownstein, “Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl”

You’re listening to the wrong country music.

Currently on the Roku: “American Masters: Loretta Lynn.” Watch it! Forever a bad bitch mountain girl. “Say what you will but she’s a feminist. She made it OK for other women to say, ‘Wait. Yeah!.’ And that’s how movements start.”

You remember the Duke case wrong.

The new “30 For 30” episode covering the Duke Lacrosse scandal from the 2000s has made me completely re-think (consider for the first time?) *my own* privilege. Not because I’m a woman, but because I’m middle class. I remember when this story happened and reading the news stories and looking at the photos and thinking these guys were definitely guilty. They were rich and jocks.


And rich people and jocks were entitled and mostly always sucked. Please check out the film. It’s a well-done look at how journalism and social righteousness can go terribly wrong, a stark reminder that innocent until proven guilty applies to all of us. (This story feels especially scary considering that our reactionary natures have only accelerated since this happened thanks to clickbait headlines.)

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