Gallery opening: Christmas Show at The Latent Space

Tonight is the opening of the Christmas Show at The Latent Space Gallery in Irving Park!

The show will have more than 50 unique art objects for sale under the gallery’s Christmas tree. Two of my original embroidery artworks and a gift pack of my collage notebooks will be wrapped up all pretty under there. 🙂

The gifts will have the name of the artist who made the work on them (so guests can have an idea of what they may be purchasing) but the contents of the gifts will be a surprise.

Every gift is $300 or less and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Brave Space Alliance in Chicago. 

Come in and buy a gift of artwork, hang out, and enjoy baked goods from Gingham Baking and eggnog. What a Saturday! There’s word Santa might even show up…

The gallery will be open Sunday as well so you can still hit up the tree if you can’t make it Saturday. They’ll have items available on the online shop soon too. 

Yay, art! Yay, gifts! Yay, art gifts!