Summer style trends I can get behind

Satin kimonos

I’ve amassed three in the course of the past few months. Perhaps this is how wannabe manic pixie dream girls ease into their early thirties. Give it ten years and we’ll be bringing muu-muus back.

Consent signs at music festivals

At Pitchfork, I saw several signs like this, reminding everyone that day drunk does not fair game automatically make. Are consent signs the new flower crown?

From Tumblr.

The low chunky heel

Hello, beautiful.

Now city girls can actually wear some semblance of heel without snapping an ankle. Hooray! Long live our ankles!

Pattern mixing

“Rules are there ain’t no rules.”

Polka dots + flowers + stripes = crazy no more. Proof we can all just get along.

Cryptic fashion pins

This looks like a cute bag with a pin of Garth praying.

In fact, it’s Mike Diana, an underground cartoonist who was the first person in the United States to receive a conviction of artistic obscenity. I got this pin as a gift for supporting this Kickstarter documentary about his work, the case and how artistry of all stripes can survive the minefield of free speech in America.

Also, I play tennis now. So. Vogue.

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