Words on the Street: September 7, 2017

Getting straight to the point inside an electrical company’s offices in Marion, Ohio.

Passive aggressive messages left on cars happen early and often in Chicago’s crammed streets. The washed-and-dried look of these notes allow us to deduce that this car has been here for a while.

I think the theme this week is really direct signage. “Rear.” “Office.” “463.” All the news you need.

There have to thousands of nail salons in Chicago. I love seeing how they name themselves. It’s always some variation of “Nail”. Hot Nails. Cool Nails. Diamond Nails. Nails.com (which does not have a website and definitely is not the owner of the domain of which its business title speaks). Nail Story is a pretty good one. My nails would tell a super gross story.

Heh. Heh. Body man wanted indeed… Another Chicago signage trend: Body shops with really innuendo-heavy language. There’s a place by my apartment that boasts “Best Hand Job in Town.” Maybe something was lost in translation?

“When your car is feeling blue. We paint it yellow.”


More like words on the beach. Shoutout to our honeymoon!

Clever girl. Free snacks!

Zero juice, OK?

Almost too obvious to be in a character sketch.


Direct signage ftw.

Sometimes it’s best when you say nothing at all.

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