Five word-inspired Halloween costumes you can put together in a day

A Cat Call

Puns! This is a drunk Jackie Mantey original idea and my favorite Halloween costume (and party) to date! I got so sleepy putting together this makeshift photo booth for my dining room, I had to take a cat nap before the party. Eeeeeeehhhhh?

This is super easy. Throw on something that looks like a cat costume, which you can fake really well with drawn on whiskers and some pointy ears. Hold your phone and pretend to make calls a lot. Also, say inappropriate things to your hot friends.

Lady and Gentleman Bug

Eeee. You know what they say. A couple that puns together… breaks up for a year or so then stays together.

This is another original and my favorite couples costume we’ve done together. It’s pretty self-explanatory and you could pull it off a lot of different ways; however, Justin’s black man leggings, top hat, homemade wings and monocle really took it next level.

Edgar Allan Ho

Scandalous and amorous, old Edgar Allan wouldn’t mind you adding some fishnets and heels to his look. Hit up a craft store to get a decor skull or raven/ crow (no one knows the difference) to hold so you don’t just look goth.

A Shooting Star

A cut-out star + water guns = giiiiit it?

Arthur Dent from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

Be honest, playing a helpless human won’t be that hard. Put your robe over your pajamas, throw on some slippers and grab your fave coffee mug. Roll up a newspaper or Scientific American and place it in your robe pocket for extra credit. Maybe tape a sign to your back that says “Don’t Panic”? Fellow hitchhiker fans will eat it up.

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