Words on the Street: February 20, 2018

“We need tens if you have any.” As seen at Nibbles, a gas station food stand somewhere in Michigan.

New life in a casino. Quite a different crowd than the hay barn days.

A bum machine at FireKeepers Casino. Get it? “Firing”? 😉

(I also like that that needed to explain below “out of order” in case someone didn’t get it…)

PSA: Bath towels can’t swim. From the hotel room at FireKeepers.

Nonla Burger in Kalamazoo. I love all of these words. Including Nonla and Kalamazoo.

Decor at Nonla = old ads. “Take home big profits… with a Snack Kar.” Beat it, food trucks.

“Better than the movies! This young couple partakes of a little front-seat romance. In later years many drive-in theaters came to be known as ‘passion pits,’ as they were the only place teenagers could be alone. Archive Photos

Passion pits!

So please stop asking the barista, OK?!

Roast coffee. Make cheese. Live free. Window shop.

I’d like to meet this Jose, of the Jose sign.

An artist’s last name that someone should co-opt for a villainous character they’re writing.

This could be read two ways. Luckily the city is not refusing.

Not just haircut. A cool haircut.

Some Cracker Barrel selections. Its got moxie, ya see!

Made U Look. See also: Russian Tea Time.

Doctor’s office sign, after hours. The variety of electric light signage in Chicago is a visual culture in and of itself.

More helpful tips. Have a good week!

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