My list of books to read this month

“Song of a Captive Bird”

By Jasmin Darznik

Poet Forugh Farrokhzad is credited with sparking the feminist movement in Iran, and her poetry has been likened to the mournful style of Sylvia Plath — women ahead of their time trying to fly with broken wings. This new novel uses Farrokhzad’s journals, interviews, poetry, and private writings to fictionally reconstruct the life of this revolutionary woman and writer.


“Birds of Wonder”

By Cynthia Robinson

After Beatrice Ousterhout finds the body of a young girl while out for a walk with her dog, her police detective daughter, Jes, works the case. Jes unravels as the case unfolds. Will she reveal to Beatrice the secret about her father that threatens to undo her completely? (Stay tuned this month for an interview with the author Cynthia!)


“GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance and Being You”

By Karen Rayne

I spotted this inclusive “guide to growing up” for girls in the New Non-fiction section of my library. As I celebrate my 32nd birthday this month, I’d say I’m pretty far past needing some of its advice, which includes sections on male and female anatomy; coming out; accepting rejection and staying safe online; body issues; love and sex; and so much more. That being said, I think there’s so much to learn from Karen Rayne’s thoughtful and informed voice and subject mater. I hope this work colors future discussions about sex education for girls and boys alike.

Happy March/ Best Month Ever! 🙂

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