Scented beauty buys that are making my spring

I know, I know.

But if the devil wears Prada, then friendly boss bitches wear mint leaf and bergamot!

$: Mint Leaf and Bergamot lotion by Bath & Body Works

I picked this up at a discount outlet Bath & Body Works, recalling my time working in a candle boutique and mixing the bergamot flower’s sharp citrusy floral with mint’s sweet-tinged freshness. It’s a unique smell that’s not overwhelmingly floral or musky. When the cashier rang me up, it was $5 for one bottle. I then hurdled the Pumpkin Spice displays and threw a baby out of the way, into the Juniper Breeze, to snag two more at that price.

$$: Argan Oil and Lavender conditioner by Beauty & Planet

I love this drugstore brand because of its ethical and environmental promises, but the lavender line’s soft scent lingers on my hair all day long and has made me a true believer.

$$$: Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne by Jo Malone

Wood sage and sea salt smells warm, sexy, and grounding. It smells like vacation, but one where you spend a luxurious month meditating and talking about your dreams on a Mediterranean beach with a yoga instructor named Xavier. Xavier is a very good listener and won’t make a move unless you want him to.

I discovered this scent by way of a beauty magazine ad. You know, the kind with the foldable flap that makes fashion magazines smell like magic and womanhood and sophistication and the dope ass future that awaits once you get out of this dumb town? You know, the kind of ad that you’d sneak into the school library to rub all over your weird body before the big school dance? No?

When I dug around to see how much a bottle would be, I LOLed. (It costs about as much as other high-end parfums, but I already own one of those so I just couldn’t justify shelling out for two, ya know?) Instead of making an order, I ripped out the ad and hung it on my bulletin board right by my computer. I decided if I missed the scent after its paper particles had dissipated, I’d buy myself a small bottle for spring.

So I recently bought myself a small bottle for spring.

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