Crazy cool (and crazy, cool) old book illustrations #backtowork

Bah! Back to work. 2016. Monday.

I’m excited, actually, because I do not fare well when given ultimate freedom from routine. Consistency is key to me not sleeping literally all day or building a fort under my kitchen table and calling my cat First Lieutenant.

However, I do understand the desire to slowly turn up the heat when it comes to work. After all, those frogs jump out of the boiling water when thrown right into it, no?

Here’s something to look at as you dick around a little bit throughout your first day back at the office. This website is called Old Book Illustrations and it posts amazing and oddball artworks from books now within the public domain.




Resolution inspiration. “Go home, Jedediah! You’re drunk!”



God’s second sun child. Not pretty but def smart. courting

When your Tinder date actually looks like her profile pic. And also you a knight.


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