Captions for Google Image Trust Fall results

On Tuesday, the New York Public Library uploaded more than 200,000 historical images into the public domain. It’s a wonderful time suck *and* an opportunity to finally use the new black hole emoji when talking about it with your friends! Really though, it’s interesting to see images that haven’t made it into the public consciousness but are just as arresting as those that have. It’s a great research resource for writers or artists.


Interior of miner’s shack. Scott’s Run outside of Morgantown, West Virginia. From the Farm Security Administration collection.

Clicking through I was reminded of the one time I had to Google Image search “trust falls” for some reason and thought it would be funny to caption how ridiculous they are. And, thus, this blog post. HAPPYTHURSDAY.

Van Gogh

That little-known time Van Gogh did some corporate freelance work.


A photo still from my worst nightmare.

kool aid

Prepare the Kool-Aid. She’s ready.


“I didn’t say ‘Fall on’ yet, Deborah! I didn’t say it!”

dan and andrea

“Did you see how super eager Dan was to get to the front when it was Andrea’s turn? <giggle>”

cat trust fall

My last relationship.

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