Words on the Street: August 10, 2017

A sticker on a car in Columbus. A strong, certain word for a strong, certain statement (those are supposed to be ovaries, ICYMI).

I like this Ruthie’s use of the present tense. Is you still here, Ruthie? Is you a ghost? Is is a bold choice. Is we ever really anywhere? Do we ever leave? I’m into it, Ruthie.

From the Blue Line. A train car interior covered in black plastic, bearing a single word: “Hide.” An alien looked down from the ceiling, as if he was climbing through, trying to get to his very important business meeting in The Loop. It’s an ad for the movie “Alien: Covenant.” Creepy. Cool. A word like “Hide” becomes immediately off-putting when placed inconspicuously in a daily setting. It feels more off-putting than someone actually yelling, “HIDE!”

At an Ohio hotel’s continental breakfast. It’s never too early for farm puns.

You’re right. It was won by Native American genocide, but, like, I get what you’re saying. Saving this for character dialogue someday.

Irving Park. An example of how we still mark our territory and claim it. Someone is homesick.

First place “Most Magical” pie at an Ohio county fair. When making this recipe at home, don’t forget you need two fluffy bunnies and the lady bugs must be of a friendly disposition. <3

A little free library. With an even littler step ladder. <3 <3

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