Words on the Street: March 14, 2018

<3 Funeral Designs <3

“All I Ask Of You” is to throw out your trash. Also, it’s surprisingly sad to see sheet music lost on the street. 🙁

Sick burn.

Though “I heart cock” is a regular staple of bathroom graffiti, this helpful Crock Pot edit is new to me! Great work, team. Plus, we all know Crock Pot could use as much re-branding help as possible.

Well, you’ll live. You just might not enjoy it as much as if you weren’t so worried about it all.

Um, OK, but when is “close”? File under “super unhelpful.”

And these bears look pissed about it. No picnics in da club, lil buds!

I’m sad this place is closed. Not only is Salt ‘n Pepper Diner, like, the cutest diner name, but “Seasoned 1965”? Spicy word choices all around!

Who do you think you are?

Right this way.

You had me at dinner.

I just love this sign. Pho pho-ever!

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