My list of books to read this month

“Fates And Furies”

By Lauren Groff

This boooook. <3 <3 <3

It’s overflowing with the most beautiful three- to four-word sentences I’ve ever read. I want to wear Lauren Groff’s writing around me like a silk robe.

A masterpiece of innovative narrative structure, “Fates and Furies” is broken into two sections. First, we meet the husband of a marriage. Second, we grow to understand his complicated wife. The revelations unfold like a flower in bloom, and it all moves so quickly, as if you are in a dream, and I could write a 10-page English lit paper on its symbolic use of birds, land, and water. This one will hurt when I finish because that means there’s no more “Fates and Furies” left to read.

Bracket copy sprinkled throughout. Insights from the muses. The fates themselves. Brilliant.

The book is a few years old, but it called to me like a siren from a bookshelf in the basement of the State Street Macy’s. I was dicking around while Justin tried on tracksuits, because this is 32.

Groff’s newest book, “Florida,” came out in June. So guess what will be on my list of books to read in September?

2 thoughts to “My list of books to read this month”

    1. Yes! I don’t blame you, but this one isn’t too traumatic. I think she does such a good job of making sadness beautiful. Read it and let me know what you think! I know some people didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as me.

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