#SundaySentence: College kid psychology

For David Abrams’ Sunday Sentence project, readers share the best sentence they’ve read during the past week, “out of context and without commentary.”

(Except I totally give you context and commentary.)

I’ve been so under the weather the past week. I could fill a landfill with all the innocent tissues I’ve violated of late. Most of my reading happened from my sick bed and on my smartphone. Thus, my #SundaySentence comes from PsychologyToday.com. (Of course, I try self-diagnosing my mental crises when I’m under physical duress. I’m sure that’s a symptom of something…)

Research by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at UCLA shows that college students’ number one value is now “being well off financially,” while for students in the 1960s it was “developing a meaningful philosophy of life.”

From “Why do so many college students have anxiety disorders?”

The generational divide is whatever. Millennials are screwed. I knew this. I’m more intrigued by that phrase “developing a meaningful philosophy of life.”

Mm… that sounds nice.

So does more cold medicine…

and a down-the-rabbit-hole search for “college” on the NYPL database…

Aw, hey buddy. Why so blue?

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