New notebooks

If there’s one thing I miss about being school-age, it’s the crushing self doubt that pushed me to achieve more and more things to feel worthy of love. 💃  Just kidding. The real thing I miss most from that age (the only thing?) is shopping for new school supplies.

The school supplies aisle, right? What. A. Rush! Oh how I looked forward to traipsing the aisles at Office Max and Staples, exploring folders in neon colors, examining the plethora of pens, and trying to imagine being the kind of grown woman who needed and knew what to do with a ~file sorter~… squeal!

I still love doing this, daydreaming in the nerd section of any store that’s gifted its visitors with one. As a result, I have way too many notebooks to count that sit empty in the backlog of my desk drawers, awaiting to be filled with to-do lists and tallied longings and notes on what I’m not so I can be more certain of what I actually am.

I was determined to keep my Society6 shop—where I upload my musings—down to only a few objects for each daily design. Haunted by the photographs of barges of plastic trash clogging up corners of the ocean, my thinking was, “I’ll do my part and only allow minimal amounts of junk to be produced in the name of my personal expression!” Then I patted myself on the back as I sat smugly in my SJW armchair.

I have only been enabling my designs to be put on canvas, art prints, posters, clocks, and shower curtains (lol, those, I guess, I decided were fine). BUT THEN I SAW WHAT MACRO.BABY LOOKED LIKE ON NOTEBOOKS and my Office Max-motivated inner child came forth and was all, “Well, the turtles can find a new home, right?” (No, in truth, I’m just funsin’ about the turtles. The beauty of Society6 is that they only print an item after it is ordered. The system ensures they’re not churning out a ton of crap, which is actually a pretty sustainable way for artists and designers to develop products with their work on it without feeling like a, well, giant pile of human trash making plastic trash.)

Below are some of my favorite notebooks so far. You can shop them all now, guilt-free and nerdalicious, here. Until we meet again, my friend, six feet apart in the school supplies aisle.

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