Words on the Street: December 7, 2017 + Roadtrip Edition!

These downtown Chicago sidewalks expressed my mood perfectly on the gray gross day.


Absolutely I will.


Cards Against Humanity headquarters’ bathroom. Gender neutral, of course. 🙂


The Grouch must loathe this guy.

Got my nails done at a salon called The Cat’s Meow before our two-week roadtrip out west. I tipped in cash.

While I waited, I read this Georgia O’Keeffe fun fact and realized only someone who becomes famous making beautiful paintings as metaphors for vaginas can walk around the desert in a kimono-like coat and actually pull it off.

Our first stop was Lawrence, Kansas; second stop was Denver. We bought a joint. Legally.

We saw many signs politely telling stupid tourists to stop being so stupid.

An apple a day keeps the rabid diarrhea away. Theater bathroom in Austin.

Roots like mountains. Dive bar in Kansas.

But he HATES parentheses! Wal-Mart in Texas.

Just in case you missed it, we’ll tint your windows. New Mexico.

One of several hybrid names for cities along state lines that we saw. My other favorite: Kanorado. (Kansas + Colorado)

Denny’s mug. In Utah? Somewhere like that.

Another diner. This one called Banjo’s. Perfect for a short story set in Kansas.


No MSG. No aspartame. Food truck in San Antonio.

No MSG. No aspartame. Gift shop in Chicago.

This is in front of a shuttered and dilapidated storefront in our neighborhood. How I long to know what this lounge was like!

Top quality. Lotta sap. Happy holidays!

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