Roundup: Paintings of sexy men reading books

Following, an abridged look at paintings of sexy boys reading. You’re welcome.

Though perhaps he be toileting, pay no mind—because his mind is clearly no dump.

What’s that other beautiful hand of his doing? Must be a banned book.

Never judge a book by its cover or a man by his drapery.

A man with addictive reading tendencies (and just general addictive tendencies). We already have so much in common.

This sexy man reading is all cheekbones and stylish hat. He probably has a lot to say about revolutions.

When a colonial man is better than a renaissance man…

Probably still trying to get into “Lincoln in the Bardo.”

Hi, yes, can I check out this book from the library, as well as the beautiful face that’s behind it?

Hashtag reading relationship goals.

No chest hair? No problem. Just keep reading.

I’d let him read about crackers in bed.


If you like pina coladas, cats, and reading, come with me and escape.

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