My list of books to read this month

“Emma in the Night”

By Wendy Walker

This mystery novel was my September Book of the Month Club selection.

“Love and Trouble”

By Claire Dederer

This book of personal essays explores Dederer’s midlife sexual reawakening that traces its roots back to her teenage promiscuity. It’s been noted for its honest portrayal of sexuality and its innovative takes on the creative nonfiction form.

“The Trespasser”

By Tana French

Spoiler alert: I just finished this book. It’s a little tedious but worth a read since Tana French is one of the best crime writers working these days. Plus, it’s got an unsuspecting twist at the end. Her debut “Into the Woods” is still my favorite though.

“Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows”

By Balli Kaur Jaswal

Yes, there are some erotic stories in here, but it’s not what you think! This is a funny, heartwarming tale of British Punjabi women’s reconciliation with their patriarchal community and modern country.

“The Nix”

By Nathan Hill

This book topped a lot of “Best of” lists last year, and I’ve heard both positive and negative reviews.

“What Happened”


More like “what the $&#@ happened.” I’m looking forward to reading what Hillary’s official take on all this is, beyond the easy headlines.

May the library be your regular haunt this October! Mu-hu-ha-ha.

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