Words on the Street: October 5, 2017

As seen outside the funeral home by my house.

By an Andersonville candy shop.

Hole-in-the-wall quality hat stores are American treasures.

I’m still way into these old Chicago street signs and the names of these businesses… “Fade by Tom.”

As seen at an Indiana rest stop at midnight. I thought maybe I was just tired, but I still don’t understand what this means.

Unicorns, though. Unicorns I understand. From Unicorn Cafe.

At a WVU football game. There is no lemonade here. Only Zuul.

Left handed wave.


Stealing this bar name for a short story.

History at a purple line stop. Good to know if you were writing about the CTA before 1997!

My new favorite store in Evanston, for all its bad words below.

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