Five things I’m loving this month

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in Ricky Gervais’ new Netflix special “Humanity”

Ricky’s thoughts on free speech (and the left’s weirdly ironic recent infringement on it), people, and the wild weird world of Twitter trolls is so cathartic.

“That’s what the world is like. People take everything personally. They think the world revolves around them, particularly on Twitter. I’m not tweeting anyone, I’m just tweeting. I don’t know who’s following me. I’ve got 12 million followers. They can be following me without me knowing, choose to read my tweet, and then take that personally. That’s like going into a town square, seeing a big noticeboard saying “Guitar lessons”, and you go, “But I don’t fucking want guitar lessons!” What’s this? There’s a number here. Right, call that. Are you giving guitar lessons? I don’t fucking want any! Fine! It’s not for you, then. Just walk away. Don’t worry about it.” From “Humanity” by Ricky Gervais

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“I am poisoned with the rage of song.” From “Orion Dead” by H.D.

“Good as Hell” by Lizzo

I kind of forgot about this song until I saw it in a scene from the movie “Blockers,” a charming new comedy starring John Cena, Leslie Mann and the best Uber joke I’ve ever heard thanks in part, fittingly, to its perfect timing. Anyway, this song is so fun and feels as good as summer, ice cream and self-love taste!

This sweet snack

As I try to eat better and quit smoking (adfljkadf!!!), I fend off sugar cravings with this simple-to-make snack: two apples cut in fours, slathered in JIF natural creamy peanut butter (“Moms like you, as well as recovering addicts, choose JIF, choooOOOOose JIF!”), sprinkled with Viki’s blueberry almond granola.

Pro tip: This tastes 5% better when granola is sprinkled on a la Salt Bae.

 This drawing by my nephew

I haven’t much time to find more to love this month. I’ve been working my little tail off more than usual in preparation for some time off ahead.

So much so I won April’s Family Member of the Month Award!

I guess I love that I am able to get work that supports me and my family, work that is adjacent to other things I love and requires a skill I am ever thankful to have and be good at. But that doesn’t make for a fun post.

So here’s this shark attack drawing by my 10-year-old nephew that I keep on my bulletin board by my office computer. He showed me this via FaceTime one evening. I was so impressed by it, I asked my sister to save it for me:

Look at this god damn Renaissance-y masterpiece; there’s so much happening in it. I look at it a lot while I’m working. It reminds me to play. To have fun. To be creative. To do what I love and, oh yeah, tell the people I love I said hi despite a mounting to-do list.

Also it reminds me of this: Never enter shark infested water without a badass robot submarine that can shoot spears while effortlessly arm wrestling a hammerhead into cat food.

Pew pew pew!

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