Roundup: Address books

I know the saying goes:

“If these walls could talk!”

But what about all the old phones?

As a kid, I loved the way these “old” phones felt cradled to my ear and the way they would “brrring” real fast after you picked up or hung up with any kind of speed. 📞⚡ Getting to use one that was a cool color made me feel like a movie star… a fancy lady with a rotary and, probably, a metal cigarette case and, definitely, a signature scent she wore pumped from a silver and gemstone colored bottle.

And if being a fly on the wall was an option…

I’d rather be a spider.

A little bit off. Watching from the corner. Untouchable.

During the holidays, I love to send Christmas cards to my family. Immediate family only because, like a wedding guest list or an AIM friend list mid-growth spurt, holiday card rosters can fill up quickly if boundaries aren’t put firmly in place.

But I’m always left scrambling to find their addresses. Yes, addresses I’ve sent postcards and photos and newspaper clippings to a million times. Grrr. Why don’t I ever save them? It’s the same routine: Search, sweat, ask, receive, praise be, write, mail, move on to other shiny things, repeat in two months.

It seems rude at this point to keep asking my grandparents and siblings for their A/S/L (address, street, location) when they haven’t moved in years.

I refuse to load the addresses into my phone, which would be the smartest thing to do, but that just feels so cold and impersonal. Instead, I want to be the kind of woman with an address book. Because that feels like it would be lovely.

Oh, now, don’t be so surprised at my motives.

I am, after all, a Pisces.

This one feels almost right:

A thicc-ass address book wearing a sensibly chic green floral print: $39.03 on Etsy.

I like this one, too:

Vintage. Sixties. Brass tacks, and leather bound: $12 on Etsy.

Well, this is just fun:

Address book with the photo from the cover of “Welcome to House Dead” by R.L. Stine: $6 (and your first born… muhuhaha) on Etsy.

Ah, found it. This… is the one:

Hi, pretty.
Beauty. Character. So many clean empty pages.

Reader, I bought it.

Wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

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