#The10to10: Red 8 to Grand

For our first edition of #The10to10,  I picked a red die and rolled an 8, so to Grand we went.

I was a little bummed at first when we rolled Grand because we’ve already been down in the heart of Chicago. A lot. I was kinda hoping our first fate-driven adventure would launch us into parts unknown. But Grand turned out to be the best starter pack! We still found lots of great stuff we’d never seen before, and since it’s a hot stop for tourists, we got a crash course in Chicago’s history and greatest hits.

Here’s what we found.


  • Fuel up with a prime beef sandwich and Italian sodas at Eataly marketplace
  • Visit City Gallery in the historic water tower (There’s also the Loyola University Museum of Art nearby. It’s free to visit, as is the City Gallery in the bottom of the iconic water tower.)
  • Visit 360 Chicago, the observation deck in John Hancock Tower (Chicago residents get in half price! Woohoo, tax dollars!)
  • Do the 360 Chicago Tilt (If you dare… I have already blacked out most of this terrifying experience of being tilted out 94 floors above Chicago)
  • Walk Lake Shore Drive
  • Visit Oak Street Beach and hang out on the dock
  • Refuel at Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen
  • Window shop at the Gucci flagship store
  • Sit in a recliner (Hello, air conditioning) and see a movie at AMC theater (We saw Superfly with our Movie Pass!)
  • Get ice cream at Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop by the water tower
  • Kick it at the water tower fountain
  • Pick up tacos to eat at home while you rest your feet and write to your reading-age niece and nephew on the postcards you picked up at Hancock’s gift shop 🙂

P.S. Here’s a PDF of a customizable #The10to10 map so you can create your own version! I guess this game could work for bus lines or highway exits, too! Whatever you’re down to explore.

P.P.S. If you want to play with lo-class dice like ours, just shoot me a message! We can send you a pair in your fave color: red, brown, purple, blue, or green.

2 thoughts to “#The10to10: Red 8 to Grand”

    1. That’s awesome. And you’ll have to let me know what little gems you find! I love getting ideas from other people’s adventures, too.

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